Official Website of DogeMonkey


$DM is community-driven, open source, fair-launched
cryptocurrency. With this cutest meme and charity token launched on June 10, 2021
and built on Binance Smart Chain, DogeMonkey offers three(3) greate features:


$DM is a token on the Binance Smart Chain boasting a number of impressive features.
A lot of trust and transparency are built into $DM, which is programmed to reward holders.

In order to achieve new heights, we intend to continue building on the work of previous
projects. This is accomplished by combining an innovative auto-liquidity feature that increases token
liquidity quickly, a large burn rate, and an incentive system to reward token holders. Together,
all of these features can create a token that is ready to contribute back to community.

WHITEPAPER (Releasing soon)

Community Driven Venture

DogeMonkey is a Community Driven venture and fair launched open to everyone. Percentage of the total supply has already been burnt as well as the developer's wallet. Like everyone else, the rest of the team participated in the fair launch.

Automatic Liquidation

The liquidity pool is enlarged with every transaction. Trades contribute to the automatic creation of liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by trading platforms or exchanges. We already burned 80% of $DM's total supply. This project is rugproof since nobody can access it and the ownership has been renounced.

Passive Rewards

DogeMonkey investors will receive passive rewards while holding onto their tokens. Holders can watch their balance grow over time and on every transaction.